Graduate Admission Policies

Please refer to the Chadron State College Admissions Policy (Graduate) for further details.

Acceptance to Graduate Study

Admission requirements are specific to the degree program being sought, and are listed under the respective degree programs in this catalog.

Plan of Study Filing (MAE, MEd and MSOM)/Academic Requirements (MBA and MSAT)

Plans of Study are recommended to be filed prior to the completion of 9 course credits with a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Plans of Study must be approved and signed by the student’s advisor, committee, and Dean of Graduate Studies before being submitted to the Graduate Studies Office for filing.  MBA and MSAT students will utilize their Academic Requirements as their Plan of Study.  All graduate students are encouraged to use their Academic Requirements on their MyCSC Student Dashboard.

Application for Graduation

The graduation application for the degree should be filed with the Records Office prior to the beginning of the term from which the student expects to graduate. Candidates who plan to complete requirements for graduation in December must file formal application prior to April 15th. Those who plan to graduate in the spring must file prior to November 15th. Those students who plan to complete their degree during the summer and participate in commencement in December must file prior to February 15th. Application forms are available in the MyCSC to-do list. At the time the application is submitted all indebtedness to the College and the graduation fee must be paid. Graduate degrees will be conferred upon successful candidates at the spring or winter commencement.

Culminating Experience

All master’s degree candidates are required to pass a final culminating experience (oral examination or standardized comprehensive examination) in their area of concentration. Students choosing the thesis or scholarly project option should expect oral exam questions relating to the thesis or scholarly project during the examination. Upon the successful completion of the culminating experience, approval forms are signed by the student's committee and presented to the Dean of Graduate Studies.