Undergraduate Degrees

Programs of Study

To serve the educational needs of western Nebraska and adjoining areas, Chadron State College offers programs of study leading to the following undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Education

Bachelor of Applied Science

The Bachelor of Applied Science is a specialized baccalaureate degree restricted to individuals who transfer to Chadron State College with a completed Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, or Associate of Occupational Science degree from an accredited community or technical college. Students are required to complete an official plan of study prior to admission into this degree program. The specialized Essential Studies Program requirements for this degree are listed with the degree program. Additional information can be obtained from the Dean of Curriculum; or see Technical Occupations.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees provide content-area programs of study for entrance into a professional workforce (exclusive of education) or continued graduate-level study.

In addition to the general requirements for graduation, candidates for the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degree are required to complete the Essential Studies Program and the requirements for at least one subject major and either a second major or a minor, or one comprehensive major. Elective courses may be selected to reach the total of 120-course credit minimum requirement for graduation.

Second Major

A student may earn multiple majors simultaneously at Chadron State College by satisfying the requirements for each major as outlined by the institution. Only one degree is granted, although all completed majors are recognized on the student’s transcript.


The selection of a minor must be in an area (as identified by the national Classification of Instructional Programs code) other than the selected major. Minors are required in conjunction with subject majors (30-36 course credits), but are not required in conjunction with comprehensive majors (48-57 course credits). However, a minor may be added as long as 50 percent of the coursework is unduplicated by the major.


Certificates require a completion of 9 - 15 course credits from a curriculum list found in the college catalog.  Students seeking a certificate will be admitted as  non-degree seeking status.  Graduate certificates will require a completion of a Bachelors degree before admission.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Education is conferred upon those who complete the teacher-preparation programs of study. In addition to the general requirements for graduation, candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education must complete the Essential Studies program and the Professional Education requirements for their certificate.

  • Students pursuing middle school education must also complete one Core Academic Area programs of study.
  • Students pursuing secondary education must also complete one subject or field endorsement in addition to the corresponding special methods course for each endorsement being pursued.

Programs of study fulfill the Nebraska Department of Education requirements for teaching certification. Students planning on teaching in other states should seek assistance from their advisor or the Certification Officer (https://www.csc.edu/directory/dperkins/) to ensure fulfillment of the teaching certification requirements for those other states.

Pre-Professional Curricula

Students may pursue a pre-professional program at Chadron State College before transferring to a professional school. Pre-professional programs last from one to four years depending upon the profession, professional schools, and the student’s specific academic and extra-curricular interests. Each professional school specifies the courses a student must complete before seeking admission into that school. Therefore, each student’s program of study must be specifically designed to satisfy the admissions requirements of the professional schools into which the student wishes to seek admission as well as his/her own educational needs. Students interested in pre-professional programs should contact the appropriate academic faculty.

Teacher Certification Endorsement

Information concerning the specific requirements for the various teaching certificates in Nebraska may be secured from the office of the Certification Officer in the Department of Education.