Definitions of Course Delivery Formats

Students are expected to achieve course learning outcomes irrespective of the course delivery formats or modality of instruction. Significant factors in student achievement of outcomes or competencies include active participation and focused effort. At a minimum, one course credit consists of a 45-hour time commitment that includes:

  • Designed learning activities (e.g. lectures, peer teaching, presentations, student group work) that are the equivalent of at least 15 hours of instruction and student work
  • Student effort involving a minimum of 30 hours of preparation, practice, review, and study beyond the designed learning activities.

The completion of the 45-hour time commitment does not ensure a passing grade. Achievement of the course outcomes or competencies must be demonstrated.

Classroom-Based Courses

Classroom-based courses require participation within the traditional classroom; these are not distance learning courses. Listed below are CSC course numbers that may be characterized as “classroom based”.

Number Type Description
01-1000 Face-to-Face These course sections are conducted in an onsite face-to-face format or mode of instruction.
99 Hybrid These sections are conducted in an onsite face-to-face format or mode of instruction that includes a virtual learning experience and/or component.
89 Blended These sections accomodate both on-campus and distance learners; see the following section for an expanded description.

Distance-Learning Courses

Distance learning courses are fully online and can be completed without onsite classroom meetings. The following course sections are available entirely on the Internet:

Number Type Description
79 Online These sections require that all students participate and interact with one another and with their instructors completely online
89 Blended These sections are designed to accommodate both distance learners and onsite learners. Distance learners access all course materials online. Required participation is electronically mediated. Onsite learners have online access to course materials, but are required to attend regularly scheduled face-to-face classroom instruction.

Additional Location Courses

These course sections are conducted in a classroom geographically separate from the CSC campus in Chadron, NE. These locations do not have a full range of administrative and student services staffed by the facilities personnel. Such services are provided in Chadron. A facility may provide access to instruction requiring students to be present at a physical location that receives interactive, TV video, or other forms of web-based instruction. The following course sections are characterized as off-campus onsite courses:

Number Type Description
4000 Face-to-Face, Synchronous, or Interactive Video These sections are conducted in Scottsbluff, NE.
6500 Face-to-Face, Synchronous, or Interactive Video These sections are conducted in North Platte, NE.