Expectations and Academic Conduct


The following grades are currently used at CSC:

Letter Grade Grade Descriptions
A Superior performance
B Excellent performance
C Average performance
D Below average performance
F Failure to meet minimum requirements, or student failed to officially withdraw from course
I Incomplete indicates some portion of the student's work was unfinished due to a justifiable reason. An "I" is issued at the discretion of the faculty member and the Dean of Graduate Studies. A grade for the term is recorded when the work is completed. If the work is not completed within twelve months1, the instuctor must submit a grade change to reflect a grade other than "I".
IP In Progress indicates a course continuing into the next term. Grades are recorded at the end of the course.
P Passing performance; requires previous registration as Pass/Fail.
W Indicates official withdrawal from a course; requires notice filed by deadline.
AU Indicates non-graded, audit participation in a course; requires previous registration for an Audit.
AD Administrative Drop
AW Administrative Withdrawal

With the exception of the Thesis, Scholarly Project, or COUN 640 INTERNSHIP IN COUNSELING, students have one year to complete a course and have an “I” changed to a letter grade. The “IP” is issued only when the course is still in progress at grade reporting time. Once an incomplete has been granted for Thesis, Scholarly Project, or COUN 640 INTERNSHIP IN COUNSELING credits, students have a three year time limit in which to complete the course successfully. If the work is not completed within this time frame, the instructor must submit a grade change to reflect a grade other than “I”.

No grade of C or lower may be transferred into a graduate program from other institutions. Additionally, grades of Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory are not accepted in a graduate program. A maximum of six hours of C are permitted in any graduate program. No grade of D, F, I, W, AU, or IP will count toward meeting graduation requirements. If applicable, any approved transfer credits will be converted to CSC’s grading and semester credit standards.

Grade Point Average

CSC assigns quality points to letter grades as follows:

  • A = 4 points
  • B = 3 points
  • C = 2 points
  • D = 1 point
  • F = 0 points

To determine grade point average, the total number of quality points earned for each attempted course credit is divided by the total credits attempted (including semester hours passed and failed). The grade point average is computed only for courses taken at Chadron State College for non-teaching majors, but utilizes all courses from all institutions attended for teaching majors (Bachelor of Science in Education degree). Contact the Records Office at www.csc.edu/registrar for more information.

Academic Requirements


Civil behavior enhances the learning environment and is expected at all times. Courtesy and respect for others are essential elements to the learning process. Courses offered through Chadron State College welcome a difference of opinion, discourse, and debate within a civil environment. Please refer to NSCS Board Policy 3100 (Conduct and Discipline; Students) for further information.

Class Attendance and/or Participation

Please refer to the Chadron State College Class Attendance and/or Participation policy for further details.