Experiential Learning

Independent Study

Independent Study allows students to learn under the supervision of faculty members, outside the normal classroom setting. An independent study course:

  • Is permitted only under special circumstances and with instructor, Dean of Graduate Studies, and Academic Vice President approval.
  • Can provide graduate students with no more than six course credits; also no more than six credits may be completed in any one department (exceptions to this policy can be made only through written petition to the Dean of Graduate Studies).
  • Must be initiated by the student, who should contact his or her advisor to begin the written documentation; this documentation must include a written letter from the student outlining specifically why an independent study is necessary and why a course substitution will not suffice.


The Internship Program provides a structured, educational experience integrating classroom theory with supervised, planned, and progressive work experience in the student’s field of study. The program is designed to supplement and complement the traditional curriculum at CSC.  The goal of this experience is to enhance the student’s educational, professional, and personal development. Contact Career and Academic Planning Services or in the Reta E. King Library Learning Commons building for more information.

Study Abroad

Students may earn credit through a CSC-sponsored international studies program. Students may

  • Study at foreign universities for one or more semesters, and transfer the credit to CSC
  • Earn CSC credit for short-term international study courses, led by CSC faculty
  • Qualify for financial aid.

Contact the Office of the Dean of Essential Studies and the School of Liberal Arts in Old Admin for more information or visit the Study Abroad website.