Graduate Programs

Purpose of Graduate Studies

The primary purpose of the graduate program at CSC is to provide opportunities for elementary and secondary teachers, administrators, counselors, business people, and others to further their education so that they might be better qualified to fulfill their personal and professional goals. The program is established primarily for candidates for the master’s degrees offered by the institution (see below). However, some courses may be open to unclassified students not intending to complete work toward a master’s degree. All graduate courses require more intellectual effort, more independence in reading and investigation, and more constructive thinking than undergraduate courses.


To meet individual needs, students are provided with a rigorous core program of advanced courses in a reasonably flexible arrangement. Graduate students should meet or exceed the following outcomes:

  1. Apply leadership principles.
  2. Obtain a broader and deeper knowledge base, both within a selected field of specialization and in broader areas, such as professional effectiveness.
  3. Gain intellectual stimulation and foundations for more advanced study.
  4. Apply research techniques to interpret current thinking and practices in selected fields of specialization.
  5. Explore the nature and significance of research.
  6. Develop opportunities to apply research techniques.
  7. Develop and demonstrate skills required for professional positions in education, business, counseling, and other areas.

Graduate Council and Faculty

The Graduate Council is responsible to the College administration for directing the graduate program under the regulations of the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges. On behalf of the graduate faculty, the Council supervises all graduate work at CSC, establishes policy, and recommends to the College president all candidates upon whom graduate degrees are conferred.

Graduate faculty members may teach graduate courses, supervise and serve on supervisory committees for students working toward post-baccalaureate degrees, vote on all matters presented to the graduate faculty, serve on the Graduate Council, and vote on nominations to the Graduate Council.

Graduate Committee

Upon acceptance, an advisor is appointed in a student's area of concentration and a committee is organized to consult with the student. 


CSC is committed to the improvement of teaching and learning, as part of a continual effort to monitor institutional effectiveness. This effort includes the assessment of student academic achievement as made evident by nationally normed examinations, capstone courses, demonstrations of acquired proficiency in disciplinary-based skills, development of portfolios/case studies, oral examinations, surveys of students and alumni, and other assessment measures. The College requires all graduate students to participate in assessment for the duration of their enrollment.

Masters Degrees

CSC currently offers four master’s degrees:

  1. The Master of Arts in Education is offered to students interested in:
  2. The Master of Business Administration is offered to students interested in business administration
  3. The Master of Education is offered to students interested in:
  4. The Master of Science in Organizational Management is offered to students interested in:
    • Human Services
    • Natural Resources
    • Sports Management.
  5. The Master of Science in Athletic Training - to prepare students to become competent and independent clinicians who will enhance the quality of patient health care and to advance the profession of athletic training.


Certificates require a completion of 9 - 15 course credits from a curriculum list found in the college catalog.  Students seeking a certificate will be admitted as  non-degree seeking status.  Graduate certificates will require a completion of a Bachelors degree before admission.