Master of Science in Organizational Management


The Master of Science in Organizational Management degree is designed to serve the needs of the CSC service region by providing a master’s level education designed to prepare individuals for management, administrative, supervisory, or leadership positions within corporate, government, or not-for-profit settings. This degree is offered by the Nebraska State College System with online courses available not only from CSC, but also from Wayne State College and Peru State College.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with the MS in Organizational Management will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast research types and state their relationship to results and outcome.
  2. Synthesize a research design scenario.
  3. Describe a successful application of the functions of management/leadership.
  4. Differentiate between the characteristics of a successful and unsuccessful leader/manager.
  5. Explain the relationship between organizational structure and appropriateness of leadership style.
  6. Analyze the leadership/management styles needed to maximize organizational performance in different situations.
  7. Apply knowledge of leadership theory and practice in a research/statistics activity.
  8. Integrate management and leadership knowledge and skills into focus area.
  9. Synthesize knowledge of organizational management into focus area.

Application for Admission

Following are criteria for acceptance into Graduate Study in the MS program:

  1. Application for admission to graduate study must be completed online on the CSC website.
  2. Students must possess an earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. General education at the baccalaureate level is a prerequisite for admission to all MS degree programs at CSC.
  3. Students must submit to Admissions an official transcript from the college or university which issued the bachelor’s degree and from any institutions attended afterwards, if applicable. (In order to be considered an official transcript, it must be sent directly to CSC from the college or university.) Transcripts from CSC need not be submitted.
  4. Students admitted to graduate study may be required to spend more than the minimum time to complete the work for the master’s degree. The Dean of Graduate Studies may require students to make up any deficiency in preparation by completing specified courses without credit toward the desired degree.

Acceptance to Graduate Study, Plan of Study Filing, and Applications for Graduation and Oral Examination are separate and independent levels in the degree program. Students must apply and be approved for each level.

Note: The graduate student must complete at least 24 course credits of graduate coursework after being accepted for graduate study.