Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education (MAE) degree program consists of an integrated knowledge core complemented by a coherently focused academic program tailored to meet the needs of students. Based upon the communication and service core of education, this professional degree program provides an integrated master’s degree for students pursuing a variety of career choices. Areas of study include:

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The following are criteria for acceptance into Graduate Study in the MAE Program:

  • Application for admission to graduate study must be completed online on the CSC website.
  • Students must possess an earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution. General education at the baccalaureate level is a prerequisite for admission to all MAE degree programs at CSC.
  • Students must submit to CSC Admissions an official transcript from the college or university which issued the bachelor’s degree and from any institutions attended afterwards, if applicable. Official transcripts must be sent directly to CSC from the college or university. Transcripts from CSC need not be submitted.

Students admitted to graduate study may be required to spend more than the minimum time to complete the work for the master’s degree. The Graduate Council may require students to make up any deficiencies in preparation by completing specified courses toward the desired degree. Graduate study, plan of study filing, applications for graduation and oral examination are separate and independent thresholds in the degree program. Students must apply for and be approved for each step.

Note:Graduate students must complete at least 24 course credits of graduate course work after being accepted for graduate study.