Mission Statement

The Chadron State College Art Department provides a comprehensive course of study in the visual arts while preparing students for careers in Art Education, Studio Art, Graphic Design and Gallery/Museum operations. The program encourages personal and artistic growth in a student-centered learning environment and is dedicated to creating a classroom experience strong in the production of art, the knowledge of historical context, the use of critical thinking, and the understanding of aesthetics. The department enriches life in the Western High Plains region by providing educational opportunities, research, service, and visual arts programs that contribute to the vitality and diversity of the region.

Student Learning Outcomes

The outcomes of the Art discipline are as follows:

  • Art History: Students will be exposed to artists, artwork and art historical movements in order to identify and discuss art history and its cultural impact.
  • Production: Students will learn about and demonstrate their ability to use a variety of media and techniques.
  • Aesthetic: Students will learn the basic principles and concepts related to art and will demonstrate their understanding of those principles and concepts in the viewing and discussion of, writing about and production of arts.
  • Criticism: Each student will gain a base knowledge of art and will be able to make informed assessments about historical images, work by fellow students, and their own work.


  1. To complete the requirements for a degree in Art, each senior art major must participate in one Senior Thesis Exhibit during his/her final year. All seniors must obtain permission prior to enrolling in ART 412 SENIOR THESIS.
  2. B.S.E. candidates must enroll in Senior Thesis the semester prior to enrolling in student teaching. (Note: The Secondary Methods course in art, EDUC 431A SPECIAL METHODS/ART, is offered only during the fall semester.)
  3. Work exhibited in ART 412 SENIOR THESIS must reflect the student’s ability to create art in at least two media, including works in their option area. All works must have been completed on the college level and within the past two years. ART 412 SENIOR THESIS consists of the preparation of the student’s senior art exhibit and portfolio. Students are evaluated on the collaborative design of poster design, publicity, pictorial display, gallery arrangement, and on individual creativity and craftsmanship.
  4. Art students will not be permitted to enroll in Advanced Art Studio, Topics, Seminar, or Independent Study courses until they have completed the beginning and advanced required courses in the media or topic selected for advanced study.
  5. A materials fee will be assessed for most Art courses.
  6. All art majors must earn a letter grade of C (2.0) or above in all required ART/MS courses to graduate.