The Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Technical Occupations


The Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Occupations is a specialized baccalaureate degree program restricted to individuals who transfer to Chadron State College with a completed Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), or Associate of Occupational Science (AOS) degree from an accredited community or technical college. At Chadron State College, students will work with an academic advisor to develop an official plan of study to complete upper division courses that meet career and educational goals. Contact the Dean of Curriculum for more information.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Describe connections between their coursework and their anticipated career
  • Discuss linkages within their coursework
  • Write logically and persuasively, using proper grammar and punctuation

Transfer of Courses

Chadron State College will accept up to 66 course credits from an Associate's degree granted by an accredited technical or community college. Additional units may be accepted from accredited baccalaureate institutions.

Associate Degree Transfer Courses (up to 66 course credits)66
Minimum Essential Studies Courses 130
Minimum Upper Division Courses 240
Minimum Total Course Credits for Degree Completion120

Essential Studies requirements may be reduced by comparable transfer courses. Students must fulfill Essential Studies minimum credit requirements in each of the Student Learning Outcomes 2 through 11. It is recommended that students select upper division courses in order to help achieve the necessary 40 upper division course credit requirement.


Upper division requirements may include upper division Essential Studies courses.